Michel Sarran

Michel SARRAN was born on April 18th, 1961 in Saint Martin d’Armagnac in the Gers, a region in the Southwest of France where the land occupies a very important place in people’s way of life and their culture.

As a young man, with an endless curiosity, Michel Sarran went to Toulouse to study medicine before entering the kitchen.

As a student of Alain Ducasse, then of Michel Guerard and Jean-Michel Lorain, he won his first Michelin star in 1996 at Mas du Langoustier on the island of Porquerolles.

Cooking is his how he expresses himself! Whether in the form of encounters, smells, flavours or events, inspiration can come from anywhere. New experiences, new emotions, new places and new people, are what he aims to share through his cuisine.

In 2002, Michel Sarran ordered his first black jacket, a color he liked most in particular. The story goes that it should be delivered on the day he obtains his second star in the Michelin Guide. Since then, he hasn’t taken it off.

Michel Sarran is a man of many challenges and a passionate person! Automobile and motor sports, marathons, flying… he likes when it goes fast! He threw himself into the TOP CHEF adventure on the television channel M6 out of sheer challenge and without reluctance.

“Staying true to your own identity and values is essential,” he says. These values are in perfect harmony with those of RALF TECH.

Depending on his mood, Michel Sarran wears a WRX Millenium, a WRX Automatic “Day” and sometimes the new WRV Automatic Chronograph Tachometer.