The last frontier…

From its first watch in 2005 to this new model, RALF TECH has always been at the forefront of the conquest of the oceans.

Since the dawn of time, man has sought to understand his environment in order to better control it.

While he works in space and plans to go to Mars, he is still unable to go to the bottom of the ocean on his own planet.

The ocean is still our last frontier. In geography, an ocean is often defined as a vast expanse of salt water between two continents. In fact, it is more of a volume, with water constantly being stirred up by marine currents. Approximately 70.8% of the Earth’s surface is covered by the World’s Ocean, commonly divided into five oceans – Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Southern, Indian – and several dozen seas. With an average depth of 3,682 meters, the oceans represent 96% of the biosphere’s volume.

The World’s Ocean, which is home to the majority of living species on Earth (50 to 80% according to estimates) generates more than 60% of the ecosystems that allow us to live, starting with the production of most of the oxygen we breathe. It absorbs about 30% of the CO2 emissions generated by humanity. 

The World’s Ocean regulates more than 80% of the Earth’s climate. It plays a major role in the Earth’s temperature.

He is therefore our source and our future.

And since its average depth is 3682 meters, we thought we’d like to go that far… or a little further!

Remember… 2005, the RALF TECH WR1 reaches -330 meters on the arm of a scuba diver. It remains to this day the deepest diving watch ever worn in real conditions. 2011, the WRX is certified 1000 meters and becomes the watch of the Combat Swimmers of the Commando Hubert of the French Navy. 2022… THE BEAST.

A long focus

Designed in 2019, the adventure of THE BEAST has been punctuated by current events… COVID- 19, tests in hyperbaric chambers, tests on civil and military robots, technical and weather hazards, tests on submarines capable of passing -3000 meters, etc… No RALF TECH watch had until then required such a precise development. But with such an objective, nothing was left to chance.

On July 1er 2022 a serial example of THE BEAST tested by the submarine manufacturer TRITON SUBMARINES even reached -4000 meters in static. This places THE BEAST directly in the top 3 worldwide of serial watches having reached at least this depth.

A new design

A good recipe can be improved, but its base must remain the same. Starting from this premise, the aesthetic perception of THE BEAST had to be immediately clear: it is a RALF TECH.

A successful challenge with its new shape, both half cushion and round, with strong lines that inspire confidence and power. THE BEAST is unmistakable and recognizable at first sight!

But one of the most remarkable performances of the model is to have succeeded in containing the thickness of THE BEAST to 18mm, a record considering the resistance to pressure proposed. From its conception to its launch, everything has been thought out so that THE BEAST, thanks to its reasonable dimensions (47.7mm diameter) in view of its abilities, allows a daily use by professional divers and amateurs of fine watchmaking.

A 100% new bezel.

Finally, THE BEAST inaugurates our new “Diamond Shape” professional rotating bezel. Unidirectional, graduated over 60 minutes, it rotates in 120 clicks which allows an exceptional finesse of time measurement. This bezel is equipped with a matte ceramic insert, making it insensitive to scratches and rough treatment sometimes encountered in real working conditions under water. Finally, its shape, studied in cooperation with our professional divers, allows a perfect grip whatever the conditions of use. It thus makes the diver safe by allowing him to read the dive and decompression times with precision.

A 100% new dial.

THE BEAST inaugurates a new dial. Very open, very legible and of course very typical of diving, it is made of a 95% black back with a matte finish overhung by cups containing a large quantity of “Old Radium” SuperLuminova in their crucible. The readability is excellent, day and night.

The large hour and minute hands, as well as the indexes in classic scuba diving shapes – triangles, circles and rectangles – allow instant and reliable time reading, thus avoiding any risk of error for divers under water.

This system also adds relief to the dial, giving it a unique style.

A 100% new manufacture movement.

THE BEAST inaugurates a new type of movement at RALF TECH. And let’s be clear, a new type of movement in France.

Developed in Morteau by PEQUIGNET, this mechanical automatic movement is to date the only Manufacture movement really designed, developed and manufactured in France with machined parts… In France!

With its two-way winding, its frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and the efficiency of its escapement, it has a power reserve of up to 77 hours, a record for a French automatic watch. Its “stop-second” system also allows for ultra-precise time setting.

A 100% new sealing system.

Another change is that the new THE BEAST features a “bottom end” with an integral “encapsulation” system. This system, inaugurated in 2019 on the WRX, is perfectly integrated into the back of THE BEAST. This innovation allows the back of the watch to be sealed to the case, guaranteeing optimal water resistance. This system also avoids the use of a helium valve for saturation dives, a system that weakens the cases.

In order to secure the maintenance of THE BEAST, only RALF TECH has the specific tools to open and close the bottom of this new model, thus guaranteeing the original watertightness, revision after revision.

Outstanding technical features!

The thickest anti-scratch sapphire crystal on the market for a production watch with a thickness of 6mm, a case middle that is 12mm thick in certain strategic places, wide straps held in place by anti-pull-out threaded rods, bezels in matt Ceramfine®, certified water-resistance guaranteed down to -3000 metres THE BEAST is truly the watch for all superlatives.

Operating in a range of use from -10° to +55°, THE BEAST’s capacity to resist shocks and vibrations is exceptional for an automatic watch.

It will therefore be able to accompany all divers, whether they are freedivers, scuba divers, underwater propellants, hyperbaric divers or of course submersibles.