From its first watch in 2005 to this new model, RALF TECH has always been at the forefront of the conquest of the oceans. With an average depth of 3,682 meters, the oceans represent 96% of the biospheric volume. And the ocean is still our last frontier. Designed by Frank Huyghe in 2019, the adventure of THE BEAST has been punctuated by current events… COVID-19, tests in hyperbaric chambers, tests on civil and military robots, technical and weather hazards, tests on submarines capable of passing -3000 meters, etc… No RALF TECH watch had until now required such a sharp development. But with such an objective, nothing was left to chance. And to achieve this, THE BEAST has become a real laboratory for testing and innovation. Starting with its movement! The first 100% French automatic movement, it took our partner, PEQUIGNET, 3 years to develop. Then the shape of THE BEAST… A resolutely different approach for a new case combining technical performance, instinctive handling and contained thickness for maximum water resistance. Finally, since we are talking about waterproofness, an incredible performance with a waterproofness tested at -4000m under static conditions and certified at -3000m under real conditions, making THE BEAST directly enter the very private circle of the 3 serial watches having reached or exceeded -3,682 meters, the average depth of the oceans!

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