Two passions come together

At the end of this very same year, a series of five hundred pieces will be produced to celebrate the occasion and will be distributed in specialized scuba diving equipment stores.

The following year, a second watch followed, the WRK1, 330 pieces of which were published to commemorate the 330 meters reached during the world record for diving. In 2006, the watchmaking world discovered this “out of the ordinary” company which, at its first attempt, shattered the world record for scuba diving. No watch ever before had gone so deep in the world of diving. No professional equipment-supply company had ever risen so high in the quiet trade of the watchmaking industry.

The interest aroused by the success of the WR1 and WRK1 not only in the world of diving but also among watch collectors was immediate. As nature ran its course, two passions were now linked, that of scuba diving and watchmaking. Frank Huyghe decided in 2008 that RALF TECH would abandon its other activities and would devote itself exclusively to watchmaking with the ambitious project of designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing timepieces with character, both accurate, reliable, and robust, tested by professionals.

Since then RALF TECH has been equipping many underwater engineering companies around the world, making the environment for professional divers more reliable and safer.