The world record

Propriano, Corsica. July 5th, 2005. Pascal Bernabé, deep sea explorer: underwater wrecks, submerged caves, resurgences, a world of silence… One month prior, a diver set the world record for the deepest scuba dive in the Red Sea, three hundred and eighteen meters below the surface. Today, off the coast of Corsica, Pascal Bernabé is preparing to push back the limits; objective: three hundred and twenty meters. The ascent back to the surface will last more than nine hours, pause after pause, alone in complete darkness.

To calculate decompression times, two dive computers and a watch… A RALF TECH model specially designed for the occasion that will give this timepiece the same record as the diver that made history in the ocean’s depths. Three hundred and thirty meters, 12 meters more than the previous record. The goal has been achieved for both the man and his watch. The WR1 well deserves the name that its creator intended for it: World Record 1.

An average timepiece? No. A watch made by a professional dive gear manufacturer. No other watch has ever been able to rival it since the record set by RALF TECH on July 5th, 2005.