Our values


Since the dawn of time, man has sought to better understand his environment in order to master it. While man flies to space and plans on setting foot on Mars, he is still not able to reach the bottom of the seas on his own planet. The Ocean remains our last frontier. It is our source and our future.


Experience cannot be decided, nor can it be declared. It is something that we acquire. Since 1996 RALF TECH has acquired a solid experience. In terms of water-resistance, starting with the feedback from its professional divers and world record for deep-sea scuba diving set in 2005.


RALF TECH is a family owned brand created by Frank Huyghe in 1996. Dedicated to manufacturing diving equipment for professionals (civil and military), the brand has been shifting towards watchmaking since 2003 with the WR1 project. In 2008, RALF TECH permanently focused on watchmaking and ceased its other activities.


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