RALF TECH is a family owned brand created by Frank Huyghe in 1996. Dedicated to manufacturing diving equipment for professionals (civil and military), the brand has been shifting towards watchmaking since 2003 with the WR1 project. In 2008, RALF TECH permanently focused on watchmaking and ceased its other activities.

RALF TECH is a company on a human scale managed by enthusiasts of fine watchmaking. The brand’s mission is to create technologically advanced timepieces, without any marketing constraints, and without the ideology of belonging to a pre-existing school of thought or to a story that has already been written.

Moreover, RALF TECH is certainly the only watch brand that voluntarily does not have a marketing department!

Similarly, RALF TECH does not belong to a luxury group or to any institutional investors. The brand is not a subsidiary of an industrial group and is not affiliated with any foreign pension fund or bank.

The company relies solely on its own capital and its profits are fully reinvested in the industry to pursue its research and create increasingly high-performance products.