Know how


RALF TECH watches are designed and manufactured in France. They are developed in Switzerland and tested worldwide before going into final production. They are then manufactured either in France or in Switzerland… and are then distributed and worn all over the world. That’s how it goes! Here’s why…

water resistance

One particular feature in RALF TECH watches is to indicate real depth readings and not theoretical measurements like most brands do. The “ISO 6425 Diving Watch” standard is not only respected, but now goes above and beyond thanks to comprehensive technical specifications and an exclusive testing process.


RALF TECH automatic movements and automatic chronographs are either ETA or SEIKO movements that are original or have been internally modified. Due to the significant size of our watches (47.5mm in diameter and weighing nearly 200 grams for a WRX Automatic Chronograph), the structure and mass of our rotors needed to be modified in order to compensate for the inertia generated by the weight of the case.


RALF TECH has equipped itself with high-performance tools to optimize how it creates and manufactures “handmade” watch bracelets for every model in the collection. This has allowed us to produce handcrafted watch bracelets in the French region of the Jura with a high standard of quality that matches our cases, aesthetics, durability, and wearing comfort.


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