Water resistance

One particular feature in RALF TECH watches is to indicate real depth readings and not theoretical measurements like most brands do. The “ISO 6425 Diving Watch” standard is not only respected, but now goes above and beyond thanks to comprehensive technical specifications and an exclusive testing process.

Our test tanks are able to simulate dives with the capability of altering their conditions: immersion time, water temperature, salinity, magnetism of the surroundings, etc… in order to get as close as possible to a real life diving situation, whether civil or military. All these “markers” allow us to work on our projects in complete serenity.

All these tests are of course supported by the feedback from our divers and various special forces units operators who use our watches on a daily basis.

In addition, it seems important for us to say a few words about the helium valves seen here and there on some diver’s watches. With less than 50 divers in France and less than 250 in the world, so-called “commercial” divers, i.e. those who work under oil platforms or repair cables and various connections that run through the ocean floor, may, under certain conditions, require a watch equipped with a helium valve. Our professional clients, combat swimmers, Navy divers, offshore divers, have no need for it. As for recreational divers, a helium valve is unnecessary and we think it could render the watch more fragile. That is why we do not equip our watches with helium valves.