Developed in Morteau by PEQUIGNET Atelier, this mechanical automatic movement is to date the only Manufacture movement really designed, developed and manufactured in France with machined parts… In France!

With its two-way winding, its frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and the efficiency of its escapement, its power reserve can reach up to 77 hours, a record for a French automatic watch. 

Its “stop-second” system also allows for ultra-precise time setting.

Automatic and automatic cronograph movements

RALF TECH automatic movements and automatic chronographs are either ETA or SEIKO movements that are original or have been internally modified. 

Due to the significant size of our watches (47.5mm in diameter and weighing nearly 200 grams for a WRX Automatic Chronograph), the structure and mass of our rotors needed to be modified in order to compensate for the inertia generated by the weight of the case. 

The WRX automatic chronographs use RTAC001 movement on a Valjoux 7750 base for an optimal power reserve of 44 hours.

The WRV automatic chronographs use the RTAC003 movement on a SEIKO 8R48 basis for an optimal power reserve of 50 hours. 

The WRX and WRV automatics use RTA001 and RTA002 movements developed from ETA 2824-2 and 2836-2 for an optimal power reserve of 44 hours. 

The ACADEMIE models use a RTA003 automatic mechanical winding movement built from a SEIKO NH35/NH36 for an optimal power reserve of 40 hours.

The hybrid RTH002 movement

At the forefront of technology, the RALF TECH Hybrid RTH002 mechanism is at the crossroads of two different mechanisms and combines the best of them. The Hybrid is both a quartz energy system and a self-winding mechanism.

Here’s why: The Hybrid produces the necessary energy required for its power supply by absorbing wrist movement. This energy is then stored in an accumulator with a lifespan greater than 12 years. Working without batteries, this movement has a very low impact on the environment and can achieve extraordinary energy savings. 100 million watches equipped with the Hybrid movement system wouldn’t use more energy than a 100 Watt light bulb!

The Hybrid RTH002 is equipped, under its own weight, with an ultra high-speed rotor that can rotate up to 100,000 rpm, 5 times the maximum speed of a Formula 1 engine. This innovative system provides unparalleled precision. On average, our Hybrid RTH002 is 15 times more accurate than a traditional automatic movement.

When fully charged, a RALF TECH watch equipped with the RTH002 Hybrid mechanism can stay running up to 150 days after you last wearing it and will restart as soon as it is put back on.

RALF TECH has been using the Hybrid RTH001 movement since 2006 and the Hybrid RTH002 movement since 2013.


Developed in Switzerland for our house, this new movement works according to a system of micro hybridization. It combines precision, reliability and energy savings.

Built from the mecatronic base of the hybrid movement equipping the previous generations of WRX, the RTE001 movement reduces the number of moving parts and simplifies the quartz power supply as much as possible.

Its autonomy can reach 100,000 hours, i.e. almost 12 years, whereas most movements offer a power reserve of 40 hours for automatic movements and about 18 months for traditional quartz.