After the launch of the WRX Electric by the end of 2020, RALF TECH now introduces 3 new versions of the WRX in darker colors, leading to the return of the mythical “Black Operator” (AKA “Black O” for the enthusiasts of the brand).

But let’s take the story at its beginning…


Designed in 2008 and developed with the help of the combat swimmers of the French Navy’s Hubert Commando, who are adopting it from 2010, the WRX Hybrid is the first “tool watch” created by RALF TECH.

To establish itself as the benchmark timepiece for elite units, the WRX has continued to evolve, remaining at the forefront of watchmaking innovation since its creation.

Equipping the majority of special forces units in France and beyond, the WRX is a safe and efficient tool. Used by professional divers and skippers all over the world, it is synonymous with know-how and reliability.

As the environments in which WRXs evolve become more and more demanding, a new generation was born at the end of 2020, after several years of development.

The next generation

Always in search of new challenges, RALF TECH has been pursuing since 2019 an intensive campaign of deep sea trials in collaboration with the French Navy in order to test new technical solutions, both in terms of robustness and watertightness. At the same time, RALF TECH has also been working for several years with its partners on the declination of the famous Hybrid movement in order to give it an unequalled autonomy. On October 8th, after 2 years of development and experimentation in natural environment, RALF TECH launches a new generation of WRX combining technical modifications and new finishes. These WRX are, among other things, equipped with a new “Electric” movement, new “Sandwich” dials and an innovative encapsulation system guaranteeing a real waterproofness up to 1000 certified meters.

Unchanged design.

A good recipe can be improved, but its basis must remain the same. Based on this premise, the aesthetic perception of the WRX should remain unchanged. A successful gamble with its distinctive semi-cushioned shape and its strong taut lines inspiring confidence and power. The WRX remains recognizable and acknowledged.

100% new dials.

The new WRX Electric now has new sandwich type dials. Composed of two thicknesses they allow to apply a large quantity of SuperLuminova® on a disc placed under the main dial. Thanks to this stencil technique, readability is excellent by day and visibility is exceptional at night.

This novelty also adds relief to the dials which gives them a style without equivalent.

A 100% new movement.

The new WRX Electric inaugurates a new type of movement at RALF TECH.

Developed in Switzerland for our house, this new movement works according to a system of micro hybridization. It combines precision, reliability and energy savings. Built from the mechatronic base of the hybrid movement equipping the previous generations of WRX, the RTE001 movement reduces the number of moving parts and simplifies the quartz power supply as much as possible.

Its autonomy can go up to 100,000 hours, i.e. almost 12 years, whereas most movements offer a power reserve of 40 hours for automatic movements and about 2 years for traditional quartz.

A 100% new waterproofing system.

Another change is that the new WRXs now have a case back with a new “encapsulation” system. This innovation allows the watch back to be sealed to the case, guaranteeing optimal water-resistance. In order to secure the maintenance of WRX watches, only RALF TECH has the specific tool to open and close the case back of new models, thus guaranteeing, revision after revision, the original water-resistance of WRX watches.

A minimal maintenance program.

Since the majority of WRX users are professionals, the idea was to make their lives easier. Often absent, evolving in degraded conditions, their watch must remain a powerful and safe tool. Thanks to the new movement and our novel waterproofing system, minimal maintenance is required for these latest generation WRX watches.

A visit every 10 years will allow us to check the watch’s energy system, change all the seals and re-capsulate the watch, thus ensuring the peace of mind of WRX users for the next 10 years.

Spectacular technical features!

Thickest scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the market (for a standard watch) with a thickness of 5.9mm, 10mm thick caseband at strategic points, large straps held by anti-tearing threaded rods, Ceramfine bezels for the most extreme, water resistance guaranteed up to 1000 meters for certain finishes, the WRX are intrinsically high-performance tools.

Their new features now make them monsters of efficiency.

Operating in a range of use from -10° to +55° their resistance to shock and vibration is exceptional. With 12 years of power reserve, their autonomy reaches record levels. Their dials make them ultra legible. These technical characteristics validated by sea trials are the sum of all RALF TECH’s know-how.

Assembled in France, complementing the Hybrid and Automatic versions, the new WRX should logically become the essential reference for “Tool Watches” for adventure professionals, whether military or civilian. Their performance and design should finally appeal to alternative watchmaking enthusiasts. The new WRX Black will be available in 3 different versions (Black Operator, Black Pirates Shadow, Black Camo) and will be available from May 6.