New ACADÉMIE Bronze collectioN


Unveiled 5 years ago, the Académie collection honors the “cadets” passing through the prestigious military and police académies. To the cadets and of course to their instructors, the experience that must be acquired from the elders.

Nowadays, the Académies have, each in their speciality, but all in common, the same missions: memory, transmission and improvement.

After the WRV Automatique Bronze launched in 2016 (sold out, 77 pieces sold in one day), it is the Académie’s turn to adorn itself with a bronze case.

Initially consisting of 16 models in satin-finished, polished or matte black surgical steel, the ACADÉMIE collection is expanding again with the arrival of 3 new versions, all in bronze.

Bronze first echoes our distant history. It was the first metal alloy created by man around 2000 BC, known as the Bronze Age period. 

It is a “living” metal that physically reacts to its environment by developing a patina over time. This, of course, will further enhance the vintage character of the watches and make each of them unique. In terms of composition, the alloy must contain at least 65% copper and about 15% tin. Metallurgical engineers then play with the addition of aluminum, zinc, lead, nickel, phosphorus or manganese. 

For years, bronze has been used in the maritime field, particularly for metal parts of old sailing ships (portholes, fittings, navigation instruments, etc.), but also for divers because of its good resistance to wear and corrosion. In case of prolonged contact with salt water, it is able to resist thanks to its oxidation, in other words, thanks to the creation of a layer of greenish-grey oxide on the surface. Bronze is therefore an integral part of our maritime heritage, and that of RALF TECH in particular.

Aesthetically typical of neo-vintage, this second series of ACADÉMIE Bronze speaks to us of adventure, authenticity, exploration and the passage of time.

With these new bronze versions, RALF TECH enters the realm of timelessness. Timeless but with a touch of avant-gardism. If the qualities of bronze are no longer to be proven, their evolution in a resolutely chic environment can sometimes be a problem. Indeed, and this is what makes its beauty in addition to its intrinsic qualities, bronze develops a patina and oxidizes. Its oxidation can cause skin irritation and rub off on the skin.

RALF TECH engineers therefore set out to find a semi-precious alloy combining traditional bronze and inert materials to neutralize the undesirable effects of bronze.

The objective was achieved with the choice of a copper-aluminium alloy, CuAl8, well known for its combination of high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. This material is used in particular in the marine industry for the manufacture of valves, pumps and shafts that must resist corrosion, sea water, acids and industrial fluids.

Consequently, this specific alloy allows a subtle and unique patina linked to the wearer’s habits. This patina takes on its final appearance after one month. Patina but no verdigris.

The brushed treatment of its case also allows it to remain (relatively) discreet on the wrist, this matte finish sparing it a shiny and ostentatious side that would not suit it.

Equipped with the RTA003 automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve, the ACADÉMIE model is assembled in France in our workshop in Morteau.

Also, ACADÉMIE remains true to its “scuba diving” origins with a sighting crown guaranteeing a real water resistance to 200 meters. Thus, underneath its classic watch appearance, ACADÉMIE is an ultra-functional timepiece that can be worn on a daily basis. 

For this third edition, ACADÉMIE is available in 3 bronze finishes, a first for RALF TECH.

Each version is produced in a limited series of 100 pieces.