A little history…

Tuesday June 6, 1944, 12:16 a.m. It’s at this very precise hour that Major John Howard’s men jump from the bodies of the six British gliders that have just landed.

Objective: the taking of the Benouville bridge “EUSTON 1 code” better known by the name of “Pegasus Bridge” and the Ranville bridge “EUSTON 2 code”. The mission, “Take over the two bridges by a helping hand operation, the success of which would depend on the effect of surprise, speed of execution and determination” …

In about fifteen minutes everything is finished and the code “Ham and Jam, Ham and Jam, Ham and Jam” is sent. The losses are light, two soldiers killed and fourteen others wounded. The operation is a success.

They will last until 12:02 am, seeing the arrival of Lord LOVAT’s No. 4 commandos arriving with his bagpipe Bill Millin in mind.

That same day, at 7h32 mn, in front of the beach of Sword Beach, in the Queen Red Sector, the two LCI barges n ° 527 and 523 carrying the 177 French commando seafarers commanded by Corvette Captain Philippe KIEFFER have the honor to first touch the soil of France.

Integrated into Lord LOVAT’s 1st Special Service Brigade, they are grouped together in Commando N ° 4, commanded by Colonel DAWSON. This one, just before the assault, perched on one of the barges filled with British commandos, went up to the level of the French boats and cried out to them. “Go first, French gentlemen” … !!

These commandos have various objectives this morning, to put out of combat several pieces of artillery constituting the defense of the sector and to take the Casino of Riva Bella. It was during street fighting in Ouistreham that Lieutenant Augustin Hubert was killed at the head of his K Gun Troop section. It will give its name to the famous Commando d’Action Sous-Marine Hubert.

It is around 4:00 p.m., fighting the enemy as they advance in the lands that they will join the elements of the D Company of the 2nd Battalion Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry commanded by Major John Howard who took possession of the Benouville and Ranville bridges in the first minutes of this day on June 6.

Like every year, RALF TECH, which has equipped the operators of the Hubert Submarine Action Commando for many years, as well as British SBS operators, could not ignore the anniversary of the Normandy landings.

We are therefore, today, June 6, 2020, very proud to announce the launch of the ACADEMIE Automatic “Veteran” Black model. With this model, our house commemorates the landing in June 1944 in the most beautiful way and honors all those who made the sacrifice of their lives to restore freedom in Europe. Its black case pays special tribute to the men of Major John Howard who were the first to leave their gliders on June 6 at 12:16 a.m.

With the “Veteran” Black ACADEMIE we wanted to mix history and stories … An automatic and vintage base of reasonable size … Assumed visual codes referring to the Second World War … A Marine National bracelet in an authentic parachute strap … The French and British special forces … Night and day.

The technical characteristics of the “Veteran” Black ACADEMIE :

> Mechanical movement with automatic winding RTA003®

> Power reserve up to 44 hours

> Real waterproofness 200M / 660FT

> Hours, minutes, seconds functions,

> Case in satin finished 316L surgical steel with black PVD treatment with a diameter of 41mm (excluding crown)

> Ultra-domed “glassbox” sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment 2.5 mm inner face thick

> Screw down crown

> Screwed caseback with number inscription in the series.

> MN 22mm bracelet with black buckle and “Tropic” type silicone bracelet 22 / 20mm

> Made in France