Kevin SEMPÉ was born on October 30, 1989 in Nice (France).

Kevin Sempé is a freelance director and cameraman specialized in underwater images. He seeks adventure and explores many countries in search of new stories.
Self-taught, he started out as a photographer and then specialized in underwater images. His first films won prizes in festivals and were notably shown at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco.
A few years later, Christian Pétron, one of the precursors of underwater photography, cameraman for Luc Besson in Le Grand Bleu and technical director of the exploration campaigns of the Titanic wreck, asked him to take over his company Cinémarine – which he managed for 4 years before going back to other more personal projects.

He is since recognized by the major companies and audiovisual productions with which he collaborates on projects around the world, from deep-sea diving to the jungle and many other remote places.

He masters the techniques of modern RED imaging as well as technical rebreather diving.

Kevin simultaneously develops his underwater expertise in film, short films, television and broadcasting platforms.

He directs and presents his own diving series about shipwreck stories for a French TV channel (Canal+) for which he is currently shooting a new season.

Between 2019 and 2021, he visits more than 20 countries to shoot a stock footage. Among them, New Zealand, Burma, Papua, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Africa, Madagascar, Thailand, Nepal, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, Scotland, Belize, China, the Canaries …
Kevin also decided to take up film writing, directing and producing: to bring back not only images, but stories.

Today, Kevin shares pictures and videos of his travels around the world capturing extraordinary moments of life.

Kevin wears a WRX Electric “Original” on all his expeditions, from deep sea diving to mangrove swamps, Asian jungles and conflicts in the Sahel.