RALF TECH watches are designed and manufactured in France. They are developed in Switzerland and tested worldwide before going into final production. They are then manufactured either in France or in Switzerland… and are then distributed and worn all over the world. That’s how it goes! Here’s why….

Our RTA002 automatic movements and RTAC001 automatic chronographs are 100% Swiss. Our RTH002 Hybrid movements use a modified Japanese design platform in our workshops. The same goes for our automatic RTA003 and RTAC002 chronograph movements. For us, “Swiss Made” or “Made in France” is therefore not just a simple inscription on a dial but a tangible and inherent aspect of meeting the official standards that are the foundation of the watchmaking industry.

Beyond these standards, we are particularly committed to our values as citizens of the world. In this respect, we are very mindful of the situation with our planet and our oceans. We therefore pay particular attention to the quality and origin of the materials we use in manufacturing our watches.

All our leather bracelets are made from farm-raised animals that respect CITES regulations. They are cut, assembled, and sewn by hand while respecting the artisanal traditions of French saddlers in the city of Franois in the Doubs region of France.

RALF TECH watches are the result of two cultures – French and Swiss – and a global environmental awareness. This synergy makes our watches exceptional in both their design and production.