The design of any product is the result of an industrial aesthetic applied to the search for new forms adapted to their function. Generally speaking, it is said that function creates form. Yes, but…

Design, when it is present right from the thinking phase, allows brands to be a source of innovation and progress. But not only that…

Potentially present everywhere, in line with human lifestyles, values and needs, design contributes to the creation of spaces, the communication of visual and sound messages, interfaces, the production of products and services, in order to give them meaning, emotion and identity, to improve their accessibility or experience. Did you say experience?

The experiment is not decided. It does not declare itself either. It is acquired. Since 2008 RALF TECH has been exchanging with its partners and sharing information with its network. Thus, individuals and professionals, civilian and military, benefit from the same technological advances. The experience of all is thus shared and put at the service of everyone. And it is precisely this feedback that leads to the optimization of the design.


The first WRX was designed by Frank Huyghe in 2007. Born from the feedback of the WR1, the world record of depth in autonomous scuba diving, the wish of the creator of RALF TECH was to go beyond what had been achieved by creating a model out of limits. “To go beyond modes we have to work without preconceived ideas. Only the vision of the product is successful and the constraints linked to its use should lead us to a certain restraint.” The pencil stroke is clean and uncompromising. Cushioned and round shapes blend together to form a homogeneous watch capable of being on familiar terms with the deepest depths. A pre-series was thus created in 2008. One expedition follows another and the WRX is increasingly distancing itself from classic watch production. In 2010, the French special forces set off on a mission on the other side of the world with WRXs. Feedback from the operators of the French Navy’s Commando Hubert will give rise to the definitive series, slightly modified and improved. The path is now clear: instinct, initial design, feedback and final design.


Second watch designed by Frank Huyghe in 2012, the WRV follows its predecessor in spirit but not in form. Its tonneau shape is wiser, smoother and resolutely typical of diving and the spirit of the seventies. For its shape, very much inspired by the female divers of the seventies, blends the aesthetic codes of this period of freedom with the constraints of an operational watch. It adapts to all situations without denying its origins… With a little something original that takes us back to a time when scuba diving was considered a dangerous sport reserved for an elite and a few military divers. In this the WRV follows the path imagined by its predecessor: instinct, initial design, feedback and final design.


Last watch designed by the creator of RALF TECH, the WRB is an answer to all those who found the WRX and WRV too operational or too ostentatious. Or both! Reasonable by its dimensions, the difficulty was to combine responsible design and real water-resistance as always well beyond the ISO6425 standard defining diver’s watches. The WRB was therefore born from a known shape, the WRV, adapted to the morphology of each person, whether a man or a woman. The result? A singular, versatile watch that retains the RALF TECH spirit despite its very reasonable dimensions. The WRB is therefore a logical continuation of the WRX and WRV and summarizes the primary recipe: instinct, initial design, feedback and final design.


Created in memory of a watch that belonged to his grandfather, the ACADÉMIE model, designed by Frank Huyghe in 2015, is not in the RALF TECH style. “Why not? Is there a RALF TECH style? Tell me more about vision, pleasure, envy… And then we’ll talk about style! Design is not fixed, it evolves and adapts. Man is its source and its promised land “.

Round, curved, sensual without being feminine, its curves are both pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. Timeless, it is inspired by the 50s and 60s, reinterpreting them without distorting them. Its glass, in the shape of a “glass box”, is the highlight. And once again, the recipe is respected: instinct, initial design, feedback and final design.


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