Yoann Leroux was born on November 7th 1986, in Paris.

Coming from a family of “Terre Neuvas”, he has been flying over the cities of the world since he was very young with great determination to advance facing urban or natural obstacles.  

He began by going to China to train with the Shaolin monks. His curiosity as an explorer of movement allowed him to become one of the most versatile urban athletes. Yoann quickly became a key athlete in the global urban scene where he won all the titles in competitions such as the RedBull Art of Motion in Freerun or the World Championships in L.A. on CBS Sports in Parkour. He then travels all over the world to organize internships that bring together hundreds of people. He stayed in the top 5 best in the world for 7 years. 

Yoann abandons the competition in 2017 and becomes one of the masters of modern exploration on the roofs of Paris. He goes on TV shoots and conquers social networks with millions of views with his dizzying jumps. He creates a community of several million subscribers. 

Founder of a professional Freerun team which he will eventually leave to focus on exploration, he begins his career as an adventurer in early 2021 with a caving descent to -600 meters underground after having scoured the old quarries of Paris (Catacombs prohibited). At the end of 2021 he will climb the largest glacier in Norway alone. 

Yoann is now working on the development of his new adventure/action series with the intention of reworking the image of the modern adventurer, combining urban and natural environments in a unique dynamic of action and stunts that will appeal to both city dwellers and nature enthusiasts. He is preparing several projects and expeditions such as the crossing of a part of the eastern desert or the creation of a documentary on caving with the FFS or even the crossing of Paris by rooftops. 

Yoann wears a WRX Black “Operator” for his most extreme adventures and a Academy “Pirates shadow” for every days activities.