Nelson Panciatici

Nelson Panciatici was born on September 26th, 1988 in Reims.

With a dad who drives rallies and a mom specialized in cross-country rallying, he naturally made a step towards the karting tracks from an early age. He climbed through the rankings with talent and his successes make him one of the youngest drivers to move to the single-seater, where once again, he shows his determination and character.

When the merciless Formula 1 doors closed for lack of funds, the young driver directed his career towards endurance in 2012 by participating in the World Championship and his very first 24 Hours of Le Mans, a sports car race. The discipline, where two or three drivers share the same car, fit perfectly with his taste for team spirit and adventure, allowing him to develop to his full potential.

Nelson Panciatici became an official Alpine pilot in 2013 and won the European Endurance Championship title in 2013 under these legendary colors. He struck back in 2014 and in 2015 won the very first French victory in the World Championship in China.

These great years with Alpine were also marked by two podium finishes in the LMP2 category at the 24 Hours Le Mans, a special event that the French driver particularly appreciates and where he is among the fastest.

An amateur of all kinds of challenges and curious by nature, Ralf Tech’s ambassador crosses the Atlantic whenever possible to participate in the major American races with this year bringing a brand new challenge, having seized the opportunity to participate in the European TCR Championship on a Hyundai I30 from the M Racing team.

From single-seater to tourism, endurance or rally, his passion for racing remains the same. Passion is what guides Nelson Panciatici. From bend to bend…. Unrelenting.

Nelson wears a WRV Original, a WRX Day Automatic Chronograph and a Driver Automatic ACADEMY depending on what he feels like.