Paul Grisoni

Paul Grisoni, known as”Polo” was born on February 5th, 1964 in Marseille.

To date, he has more than 22,000 jumps and has an impressive list of achievements: 2 World Cups relative to 8 (2002 and 2007), vice World Champion relative to 4 (2006), double European Champion relative to 8 (2002 and 2007), 4 times bronze medalist at the World Championships (, 11 World Records, 5 European Records, 10 French Records, 16 times French Champion VR4 and VR8 (from 1998 to 2010) !

After 15 years of judo, Polo began skydiving in 1988. It was a revelation that quickly became a true passion. A member of the French flight teams of 4 and 8, Polo is constantly looking for the most precise technique. In 1997, he developed a new method of learning how to freefall called ”The Mirror”. In parallel with his career, Polo trains the French flight teams and invests his time in a parachuting centre in the city of St Florentin in the Yonne region of France, of which he presides as President and Technical Director. 7 French relative flight records were broken in 2016 and 2017.

Polo is also a trainer for Accelerated Freefall instructors and relative flight instructors for the French Parachuting Federation. Holding a Higher State Diploma (D.E.S.) option”sports performance”, he regularly operates as a consultant in China for the development and organization of skydiving centers.

Competition is a way of life for him. He writes:”Mastering high level competition must be approached with caution, modesty, and finesse. Competition reflects each personality, serenity and aggressiveness, without any possible way of cheating. To compete is to learn to control your emotions. It is the moment when time stops in midair, the moment when the present is most present. I have always loved that moment when you forget what’s at stake, the context, to feel the pleasure of perfection. ”

Paul Grisoni wears a WRX Black Original every day, whether on the ground or in the air!!