In extreme conditions

Beyond scuba diving, managing time in extreme underwater conditions naturally pushes RALF TECH to the surface.

Since its creation, RALF TECH has also maintained strong links with the world of sailing. The brand’s first official foray into the world of ocean racing dates back to 2012, when it became the official timekeeper of the legendary VENDÉE GLOBE, a reference for single-handed one-man worldwide races, non-stop and without assistance. The winner of the race, François Gabart, like most skippers, crossed the finish line with his RALF TECH watch on his wrist.

In 2013, RALF TECH became the official timekeeper of another major ocean race, the TRANSAT JACQUES VABRE. In 2016, the ENGLISH TRANSAT turned to us to have our brand manage timekeeping. In 2017 it was Armel le Cléach, the brand’s ambassador at that time, who won the Vendée Globe. Then in 2018, it was the skippers of the Golden Globe Race who set off to storm the oceans, timed by RALF TECH.

In 2019, BREST ATLANTIQUES, one of the craziest races in the world, the Ultimates race, with 32 meters long and 23 meters wide sea giants, also asked RALF TECH to be the official timekeeper. Lastly, also closer to amateur skippers, RALF TECH is a partner of UNCL, the National Union for Ocean Racing, the French yachting club dedicated to the technical organization of ocean and transatlantic sailing races. As a result, RALF TECH is of the official timekeeper of a majority of French sailing races.