RALF TECH is proud to present its new model, the WRV Automatic Chronograph “Tachymètre”. It is available in 3 different versions, one with a Panda dial and two with an inverted Panda dial, 2 with a 316L surgical steel case and one with black PVD coated case.

The WRV is the second model launched by RALF TECH in 2013. Whether in the Hybrid version or Automatic version and with its much sought-after 1977 series, only produced in 77 pieces, the WRV has become an iconic timepiece in the RALF TECH collection in just a few years.

Chronograph: A chronograph in the modern sense of the word, is a watch equipped with an independent hand that can be started, stopped, and reset to zero to measure an interval of time.

Automatic: A self-winding watch is a mechanical watch that is wound by a mechanism that allows the barrel spring to be reset while the watch is being worn. As a result, the movements made by the person wearing the watch store energy and trigger the watch’s movement.

Tachometer: A tachometer is a measuring instrument used to determine the speed of a moving object. On watches, the system converts time and distance to obtain a result that is generally expressed in kilometers per hour.

All that being said, you have all you need at your fingertips. You might have it all, but you are missing the essential: RALF TECH is proud to present its new model, the WRV Automatic Chronograph Tachometer.

L’année 2019 marque ainsi un nouveau tournant pour RALF TECH avec l’arrivée de la toute nouvelle WRV Chronographe Automatique « Tachymètre » au sein de sa collection.

Greatly inspired by the 70’s, the WRV is a bridge between two eras. Both vintage and contemporary, it harmoniously combines the best of both worlds through a complex and elegant design reminiscent of the seventies, while also incorporating today’s technology. Following the WRV’s design, this newcomer shares almost nothing in common. Presented in Basel last March, this piece is 100% new.

A new case: 43.9mm is the diameter of the new WRV chronograph. Alternating between polished and satin-finished surfaces, its crown is pointed at 3 o’clock (previously off-center on the automatic WRV) with two pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock. Its sapphire crystal is 3.5mm thick and makes it one of the thickest glasses on today’s watch market, for waterproofing purposes.

A new movement: Made in Japan, the new RT002® movement is a watchmaking masterpiece. This automatic chronograph movement possesses 292 parts and 34 jewel bearings, perfectly combining mechanical watchmaking tradition with high-precision chronograph functions.

Most importantly, the chronograph activation mechanism is designed with a column wheel mechanism. Considered by both industry and collectors as the most sought-after chronograph mechanism, the column wheel offers a very soft touch because of its vertical clutch, which makes it much more pleasant to wear than the horizontal cam lever chronograph system used in traditional Swiss movements.

A new dial: Panda… This name, well known to savvy collectors, means that, just as panda bears are black and white, with their black eyes and snout contrasted by their white fur, the new WRV Automatic Chronograph’s dial is white with black counters or – and then there’s the Inverted Panda – black with white dials. Very inspired by the automobile speedometers in the 1960s and by the chronographs of that era, the WRV Automatic Chronograph ” Tachymeter ” plunges us back into this time when anything and everything was allowed.

A new bezel: Graduated up to 400 km / hour, the new WRV’s  tachometer bezel allows you to measure the speed of any moving object, i.e. usually for a car… a sports car that is to say!

A new bracelet: this watch is supported by a padded anthracite grey nubuck bracelet with a diamond pattern, the new WRV highlights the know-how of French craftsmen with this handmade piece from the Jura region in France.

A new workshop: Once again, RALF TECH, being a French company, is committed to employing French artisan craftsmen. The new WRV Automatic Chronograph is assembled in France and more precisely in the country’s capital, Paris.

Beyond these technical innovations, the launch of the new WRV Automatic Chronograph “Tachymeter” is a breath of fresh air. Inspired by the world of motor racing, it was the French driver Nelson Panciatici who tested some of the first prototypes. Nelson Panciatici has an impressive track record: 61 victories, 81 podiums, 38 pole positions & 46 lap records, two European ELMS champions, two men’s podiums for ALPINE and the design of the WRV Automatic Chronograph “Tachometer” and its nubuck bracelet!

The WRV “Tachometer” Automatic Chronograph is available in 3 different designs, one with a Panda dial, two with inverted Panda dials, two with 316L surgical steel cases, and one with a black PVD coated case.

And as always, at RALF TECH, waterproofing is guaranteed with a second strap that will allow the WRV to be used underwater.

The technical specificities and features of the WRV Chronograph Automatic Tachymètre :

> Mechanical chronograph movement with automatic winding RTAC002®

> Chronograph with column-wheel mechanism and vertical clutch release

> Power reserve up to 45 hours

> Real water resistance 200M / 660FT 

> Hour, minute, second functions, chronograph, tachymeter

>Surgical steel case 316L satin-finished and polished depending on the surface with a diameter of 43.9mm (excluding crown and pushers) and 316L satin surgical steel case covered with black PVD in Black version.

> Crown and pushers screwed-in

> Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside, 3.5 mm thick

> Screwed-in back case with serial number engraving

> Padded nubuck bracelet in anthracite grey with hand-stitched diamond pattern (and black silicone bracelet for diving)

> Made in France