Frank Huyghe

On October 21, behind the curtain, without any media attention, without any gimmicks, we broke a record. RALF TECH has broken a new record.

A pre-series unit went down to a depth of -3000 meters / 9500 feet. And this is neither a prototype, nor a simulated test, nor an equivalence, etc… This is a genuine thing!

The WRX Millenium lefty, developed with the help of the French special forces combat divers, has been a benchmark in the military and watchmaking universe since 2014. This formadilbly efficient « tool watch » brings together the sum of all the useful hi-tech solutions developed by the brand to make it and extraordinary RALF TECH.

Latest addition to the RALF TECH family, the WRB renews the genre while preserving the aesthetic codes of the French watchmaker… More discreet than a WRX, its shape is inspired by the WRV.

Less imposing than its cousin the WRV, it preserves the spirit, the main characteristics and the functions. Its dimensions are more “reasonable” (39mm diameter) and will perfectly fit the wearer’s morphology.

On October 8th, after 2 years of development and experimentation in natural environment, RALF TECH launches a new generation of WRX combining technical modifications and new finishes. These WRX are, among other things, equipped with a new “Electric” movement, new “Sandwich” dials and an innovative encapsulation system guaranteeing a real waterproofness up to 1000 certified meters.

Building on the success of the CARBON TECH model, one of which was launched in 2017, RALF TECH is back with a new unique model in forged carbon.

A little history…

Tuesday June 6, 1944, 12:16 a.m. It’s at this very precise hour that Major John Howard’s men jump from the bodies of the six British gliders that have just landed.

Dear friends,

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the health and protection of all our employees and their respective families and relatives being our priority, it is with regret that we have closed our manufacturing facilities in France and Switzerland on March 13.

Our Paris HQ have been closed on March 16 and will remain close until further notice.

After two years of development and a release to the divers of the French army in October 2019, the new WRB is, at last, available for you !